Areola Pigmentation Technique
  • Areola Pigmentation Technique

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    1. Basic microbiology
    2. Diseases of hematic transmission
    3. Hygiene & Prevention
    4. Proper use of PPE
    5. Contraindications & possible complications
    6. Anesthesia                                                  
    7. Consent forms
    8. Consultation
    9. Breast Anatomy
    10. Breast Reconstruction
    11. Needles & Hand Movements
    12. Pigments & Shades
    13. Areola - Sketch on Paper | Latex
    14. Areola - Sketch | Model
    15. Areola Pigmentation on Latex & Model
    16. Wrong Technique | Don’ts!
    17. Treatment Protocol
    18. Exercises
    19. Video | Homework
    20. Video | Sketch
    21. Videos | Latex Practice
    22. Videos | Model Step by Step
    23. Videos | Model Touch Up
    24. Videos | Dry Needling | Scar Correction
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      If you are ready to move towards success ...

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