Symmetry & Brows Design Technique

Symmetry & Brows Design Technique

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We have created a series of HQ videos step by step and we have included all our knowledge in our virtual manual, with examples properly explained in photos and graphics.



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This online training is designed for people who have no previous experience in this area*.

It is integrated with previous topics and includes multiple subtopics.

You will also receive a Digital manual with all the information you need to achieve your goals.

During this process, you will not be alone. For 30 days after the workshop, you will have the support of your instructor to help you correct your mistakes and improve your technique. When the 30-day training period ends "successfully", you will receive a Certificate of Recognition from NY Ink Beauty Arts.




  •         Face muscles & bone structure                             
  •         Type of faces 
  •         Sketch step by step 
  •         Design 6 points
  •         Thread use for the sketch
  •         Compass divider use for the design         



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If you are ready to move towards success ...

We are ready to be your best option !