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I love sharing my skills & knowledge 

with my clients & students.

I truly believe that sharing

is the best way to enjoy

who we are & what we have.









Good News !


May God Bless Those Warriors. . .


There are things that we can't change in life, but I also know that in the midst of these unfortunate circumstances, we can share love in many ways.


That is the main reason I joined the

“PAY WITH A SMILE” program.


The mission is to support those Warriors fighting a battle against cancer.


There is a limited capacity for 4 people per month offering Semi Permanent Makeup services for men and women.  


To celebrate life during our opening in

Boca Raton, Florida; in October, there will be no limit of people to attend. The service is free of charge and depending on the treatment, only a recovery fee is required for the material, ranging form $ 0 up to $180.00, depending on the individual circumstances*


*Prior consultation is required



Karla Sesskin is a Certified Esthetician, Tattoo Artist and successful business owner.  She has been involved in the beauty industry for over 15 years.  In 2004, she began her worldwide adventure by starting thriving businesses in Mexico, Spain, New York & Florida.


As a semi-permanent makeup specialist, Karla’s mission is to help others feel comfortable within their own skin.  She helps women and men feel comfortable with their self-image.  She believes that beauty treatments should be pleasing to the individual, not to others. 


That is the main reason Karla has joined the “PAY WITH A SMILE” program.  By encouraging those Warriors fighting a battle against cancer, she offers semi-permanent makeup, at no charge for the service.


Karla traveled around Europe learning different techniques, at the hands some of the greatest Masters in the industry, such as Branko Babic (Serbia) and Nataliya Yeremenco (Estonia), to name a few.


Karla believes that sharing is the best way to enjoy who we are and what we have. That is why she also loves sharing her knowledge as she trains others.


Karla has always lived life to the max and is a loving mom, wife, world traveler and dog lover.


Word On The Street...

Karla could not have been nicer or more professional.
My eyebrows look amazing and so much more natural than the harshness of tattooing.



Tara H.



5050 Champion Blvd

D5, Suite 119.

Boca Raton, FL 33496

At Polo Club Shoppes


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