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Hang in there!!!


After experiencing a semi-permanent makeup or a cosmetic facial treatment, it's very normal for you to feel different every time you look yourself in the mirror. This will pass very soon and again, it's a very normal reaction.


During the healing process you will go thru different stages and after the first 5/10 days you will love your NEW LOOK! 


Also, I know for a fact, that sometimes people forget about the aftercare instructions. If that is your case, you can click on the button that applies, to download the file.

Remember that the final results are part of team work: the technique, your skin reaction, and the after care.


If you need any additional information regarding your treatment, please feel free to contact me.


One more thing, please feel free to stop by my Google, Facebook or Yelp Page to leave your comments about the service you received.


Your feedback It's very import and

I will really appreciate it!


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